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Why Coach Bags Are Worth A Second Look PHOTOS

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Why Coach Bags Are Worth A Second Look PHOTOS
Every girl has a story about her first Coach bag. I was in high school when I received mine as a Christmas gift from my dad. I had spotted the red leather beauty in the outlet store near us, and he took note. I wasn't alone in carrying Coach; many of my colleagues here at Stylelist remember fondly carrying the soft leather bags.
The understated bags and accessories are priced reasonablely, and as a result, they have a very loyal following. The logostamped nylon bags were another matter. A jumpingoff point for customers new to the luxury market, they became a large part of the business, especially during the recession.
But Coach has a new direction, thanks in large part to Reed Krakoff, the President and Creative Director since 1996. Krakoff launched his eponymous luxury line of readytowear and accessories in 2010, further broadening the scope of the company. The heritage brand is returning to its roots, digging through its archives to find the most classic styles and breathing new life into them through limitededition collaborations with artists like Hugo Guinness and Tony Duquette (his estate worked with Coach to issue a collection of pieces inspired by the late jeweler). Artist James Nares is the latest to join this esteemed coterie: canvas tote bags emblazoned with his signature brushstrokes are now available online and in stores.
Over the years the company has expanded from a small family business founded in 1941 (and owned by Sara Lee!) to a multinational corporation with stores all over the world and global sales of over $4 billion. No longer a gateway brand, these unique bags are worth the splurge. It's about time that I dust off that red leather bucket bag and take it for a spin. Check out 20 celebrities who have been spotted carrying the brand!
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I am a dedicated purseaholic. I am very particular as to the purse in which I will invest ( and as most quality items run in the hundreds it is an investment) and Coach has always ranked as number 1 on my list. Rather than the run with the crowd, kitchy styles, the all leather Coach styles have endured. Whether you purchase it today, last year or twenty years ago, the quality and beauty remain and is guaranteed to elicit compliments everywhere you go. I love that some of the classic models are returning, offering a whole new generation of Coach fans an opportunity to carry a bag that defines class.
I have many coach bags. I started buying them in the 70's before they were even popular. I love a good quality, classic, leather bag. I think I own about 10 of them, all sizes and colors. However, I don't care for the signature bags or the canvas ones because I feel that if you're going to pay that much money, the purse should be all leather. You can't beat their service. Coach takes care of their customers. I've had replacement brass hardware straps. However, their current offerings are cheesy, cheap and far from the high quality that spoiled me rotten for decades. If I weren't such a lady, I'd say they're crap! Raw glued edges on the leather of the straps rather than hemmed with leather and stitched. Yes, today's offerings, particularly the fabric logo items, are garbage. Fools buy them for the cachet of owning Coach but those of us who know better are waiting for a rebirth of the quality we can appreciate.

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